— a unique DVD and book program that helps ESL students improve their listening/speaking skills
I felt nervous about talking to my daughter’s kindergarten teacher. But then, thanks to practice with Inside America, I attended the parent/teacher conference with confidence. It went great!
—an immigrant mom in San Jose, California

Inside America helps students learn to use English effectively within American culture. Informative video units illustrate everyday life in the United States. Each unit begins and ends with a candid interview in natural, authentic speech. The book is packed with activities for the classroom and the community. Using the language in many contexts, students learn how to interact successfully with native speakers of English.

Who benefits from Inside America?

  • Students in high-intermediate listening/speaking classes
  • Newcomers who want to understand everyday life in America
  • Immigrants preparing for citizenship
  • People overseas who are about to live, study or work in the U.S.
  • Learners in individualized labs

How do students use Inside America?
Students watch the video units (10-15 minutes long) and use the book to:

  • increase their listening comprehension
  • gain familiarity with norms of American culture
  • practice English in the classroom and beyond
  • learn vocabulary, conversational styles, body language and proverbs
  • understand social contexts in which the language is used
  • build confidence in their ability to succeed in the United States

How will Inside America meet your students' needs?
Q. “My students need more than language instruction. How can I teach them American customs?”
A. Inside America shows real life in the United States, not a Hollywood version. The video is packed with scenes of average people in their daily lives.

Q. “My students socialize in their native language. How can I inspire them to use English outside the classroom?”
A. Inside America is filled with high-interest activities that prompt students to speak English on the phone, in community contact assignments, interviews, oral research projects, service learning contexts, team work, and in many other practical situations.

Q. “How can I meet the needs of students with diverse learning styles?”
A. The video, book and activities in Inside America engage students with visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning preferences.