The book uses the classes, each 10-15 minutes long, to teach skills vital to students' success.
  1. Your Education Plan
    Priscilla Santos, Guidance
  2. How to Learn
    Sarita Tamayo, Study Skills
  3. Civility in the Classroom
    Judy Rookstool, Student Life
  4. Teamwork
    Judith Bell, Project-Based Learning
  5. Happiness
    Jim Potterton, Psychology
  6. Color
    Allison Connor, Art
  1. Save a Life
    Jennifer Witte, Pre-Hospital Emergency
  2. The Globe
    Ken Baurmeister, Geography
  3. The Binary System
    Clem Lundie, Computer Information Systems
  4. The Heart
    Pete D'Eliscu, Anatomy
  5. Self-Esteem
    Sharon Antonelli, Child Development
  1. Separate Spheres
    Padma Manian, Gender Studies
  2. American Government
    Martin Morales, Political Science
  3. Henry the Fifth
    Javier Chapa, Literature
  4. Selecting Sources
    Heidi Holbrook, Research
  5. Student Project
    Justin Imamura, Service Learning