The book uses the classes, each 10-15 minutes long, to teach skills vital to students' success.
  1. Skills for College Success
    Bill Bronson, Guidance
  2. Expectations of a Student
    Suzanne Gutierrez, Counseling
  3. Overcoming Communication Anxiety
    Ray Collins, Speech Communication
  4. Supply and Demand
    Dan McUsic, Economics
  5. Marketing
    Madelaine Wolfe, Business
  1. The Essay
    Reginald Lockett, English
  2. Immigration
    Dale Debold, History
  3. Culture
    Phil Crawford, Sociology
  4. Interpreting “Borders”
    Martha Kendall, Humanities
  5. Central Processing Unit
    Kishan Vujjeni, Computer Information Systems
  1. Statement of Cash Flow
    Steven Wong, Accounting
  2. Logic
    Dan Phillips, Critical Thinking
  3. How Food Chains Work
    Ann Lopez, Biology
  4. Aging
    Priscilla Brown, Health
  5. Origins of Jazz
    Joe Weed, Music